[ RadSafe ] North Korea

Emil kerrembaev at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 4 13:54:44 CDT 2013

It is a half-joke.
Nothing is really serious no reasons to worry about.
But as says my brother Soviet former rocket scientist working on Kyrgyz drone program:
In every "V kazhdoi shutki esti dolya shutki" = " In every joke exists a part of joke"

May be I could go and negotiate with North Korea about reduction of their nuclear weapons program.
Facts: North Korea has declared nuclear war to South Korea and to the USA on Wednesday-Friday.
US deployed multiple intercontinental missiles interceptors on Californian Coast (Vandenberg AFB) in Santa Barbara suburbs and Alaska on Thursday-Saturday.


1. I am a very experience Nuclear Engineer from the former USSR and used to love grandpa Lenin.
2. I worked at Chernobyl and saw results of when nuclear goes bad.
3. The last but not the least, I looked KOREAN. 

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