[ RadSafe ] Flawed Test Questions.....Calling all teachers/profs

Jake Hecla jakehecla at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 14:17:13 CDT 2013

Hello Radsafe- I am a student interested in nuclear physics, and I am in a
bit of a conundrum regarding a test I recently took that I believe has
fundamentally flawed questions. While I realize this isn't a board to turn
to for help in schooling, I am concerned the writer of these AP Physics
practice tests (not my teacher, they're from an online teacher resource
site) has no idea what he's doing, and is severely screwing up our
education. I am looking for people ( teachers/professors especially) who
have a bit more experience here to review these questions and let me know
if you see the same flaws that I do. I have attached photos of the
questions as proof, but I'm typing them out to make them easy to read.


1.  Which of the following is likely to be induced by bombarding a nucleus
with foreign particles?

a)      an EMF

b)      an artificial transmutation

c)       a natural transmutation

d)      a gamma emission

e)      a fusion reaction

-If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t it vary based on the particle, the energy and
the nucleus? For example, if the target was tritium and you bombarded it
with deuterium, wouldn’t you expect a fusion reaction rather than a
“transmutation?” Conversely, if it was a heavier nucleus prone to absorbing
a neutron, wouldn’t it then be more likely to be a transmutation?

7. Which of the following is an isotope of 13355 Cs ?

a)      12354Xe

b)      13353I

c)       13555Cs

d)      17087Fr

e)      21186Rn

-I believe this question is fundamentally flawed. How can you have an
isotope of a given isotope?

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