[ RadSafe ] Looking to the North: Gulf countries meet over Iran nuclear radiation fears

Emil kerrembaev at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 14 14:11:41 CDT 2013

1. Beside Bushehr, they looked to the East and mentioned Fukushima too and it is good but it is in the past. 
2. Gulf Countries forgot to look UP TO the NORTH and see Armenian VVER-440 standing RIGHT on the earthquake fault line.....(sometimes wondering about what kind of professional ethics have geologists or whose was the decision to place it there, probably the cooling water source location)
3. I know, it is the ONLY source of electrical energy for Armenia. 
4. Armenia became a hostage of the former Soviet Atom Energo Prom.
4. The last I have heard VVER-440 was still running.....(about 40 years old reactor grandpa) 
Ignition key turns, engine starts, "No Texting and Driving", what was the last one "Click it or Lick it"? I hate those Red Light cameras!

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I found this article on Reuters Mobile (us.mobile.reuters.com) and thought you might find it interesting:

Gulf countries meet over Iran nuclear radiation fears

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