[ RadSafe ] New Walmart Opening. Gulf countries meet over Iran nuclear radiation fears

Emil kerrembaev at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 14 15:25:36 CDT 2013

i think, it is cheaper and less hassles for Iran just close Bushehr, stop centrifuges and buy weapons from North Koreans. At least there will not any concerns about Bushehr's earthquake safety issues. LOL. 
Remember as Russians saying: "V Kazhdoi Shutke Est Dolya Shutki" 
Remember: "In every joke there is a part of joke".
There could be a new Grand Opening of Nuclear Walmart on the Korean Peninsula......  
That is why Iran soften its position.
The last one: Peaceful Atom came into every home? Answer: Chernobyl.
By the way, there is a Grand Opening of Delta Drones Walmart in the Central Asia prices starts under $1500 US.
Emil Murat.
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I found this article on Reuters Mobile (us.mobile.reuters.com) and thought you might find it interesting:

Gulf countries meet over Iran nuclear radiation fears

Best Regards,
David Lawrence

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