[ RadSafe ] Scrubs, contamination and medical infections

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Sun Apr 28 22:21:06 CDT 2013

Actually - it would seem scrubs have nothing to do with contamination or 
infection control.  Its a power trip thing they beat consultants over 
the head with!

Try to go into the OR to "calibrate" their x-ray machines so they can 
pass accreditation - and you have to jump through all the gowning up 
hoops and do who knows what with your equipment.  Been there, Done that 
MANY times.

Then you see their people in scrubs EVERYWHERE - the OR, halls, 
cafeteria, restroom, parking lot and moving freely between those area 
without changing out.

So YES - if you've been acquainted with Anti-C's procedures - this does 
certainly seem strange.

On 4/28/2013 11:50 AM, Emil wrote:
> Dear Radsafers,
> I was wondering for a while.
> Is it only me who feels strange when doctors and nurses are wearing their scrubs in and out of medical facilities?
> I spent my share of time at Nuclear Power Plants wearing scrubs in and out going out through contamination monitors. Some nanoCi of Co-60 could be annoying if stuck on the scrub material.
> I never seen any contamination controls (or controls are even possible with out changing clothing) in the hospitals when doctors and nurses in scrubs come in from home or lunch. The whole hospital scrubs wearing ritual is kind of charade to make everyone feel safe from the germs. And germs brought INTO the hospital are not annoying as nanoCi of Co-60, these germs are deadly in the radiation, chemo therapy recovery rooms. I have friend of mine and her brother was treated for cancer and just died from pneumonia...I am still wondering may be germs which attacked his immune weak lungs came from the hospital lunch room on the scrub.
> It is kind of, if we would do reactor cavity decon and then with out changing protective clothing go straight into cafeteria.
> Emil Murat.
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