[ RadSafe ] Curiosity query

George Stanford gstanford at aya.yale.edu
Mon Aug 5 12:26:48 CDT 2013

      The Little Boy bomb had nothing very radioactive -- only 80% 
enriched uranium, which is not health-threatening.  To my knowledge, 
no special precautions were needed.  For known or speculated 
construction details, (some details are still classified), see
      Nothing in it to make a dirty bomb with.
      --  George


At 11:17 AM 8/5/2013, Maury wrote:
Can anyone tell me or suggest a link to description of the size and 
weight of the radioactive components of the Hiroshima bomb?  Also 
would like to know weight and size of the shielding required to 
handle this material.  How did they load this material onto the USS 
Indianapolis without lethal irradiation of handlers?  Am wondering if 
these answers would shed any light on what would be required to 
attempt a practicable so-called dirty bomb if not a practicable nuclear weapon.

Seems to me that terrorist groups would be hard pressed to handle a 
nuclear weapon even if any of our opponents saw fit to give them one 
...?  The implication to me is that a dirty bomb of any serious yield 
would not be feasible?

Thanks for comments.
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