[ RadSafe ] Can Parkinson syndrome be caused by exposure to radionuclides

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Mon Aug 12 13:28:43 CDT 2013

Dear Radsafe/Hi Joe,
     Parkinson's Disease/Syndrome occurs later in  life???
     Just some guesses here.  Brain clogging by  plaques later in life 
causes less oxygen, blood, Nerve Growth Factors (NGF) to  reach the brain.  Thus 
the loss of motor control and shaking.  Muscles  also get weaker later in 
life, due to lack of use.  Brain clogging by  plaques can be alleviated 
somewhat by using HCl
compounds, perhaps fruit acids (oranges, apples etc.).  Extra sunlight  
exposure may be helpful??? Drink Milk with Vitamin D????  See a real  physician 
who specializes in this area.  See also online entries which  describe the 
diseases.  Increase physical activity (swimming???) if  physical activity 
level is low???
    Good luck   Joe Preisig
PS  Cosmic Rays --- Physics/Health Physics phenomena
       COS/MOS --- Solid State Electronics  technology developed by Radio 
Corporation of America (USA).
       i.e. computer chips/solid state  devices.
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jjshonka at shonka.com writes:

Does  anyone on RADSAFE know if Parkinson syndrome (differentiated from
Parkinson  disease) could be caused by exposure to radionuclides?

Joseph J. Shonka, Ph.D.
Shonka Research Associates, Inc.
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