[ RadSafe ] Canadian Depleted Uranium Study Results Released

Victor Anderson victor.anderson at frontier.com
Thu Feb 21 08:43:23 CST 2013

Thanks for the info.  I downloaded and saved it to my files.  What really
angers me about this whole DU thing is the sheer stupidity of it.  Of course
DU has a metal toxicity issue.  C-4 also has a toxicity issue.  Its a weapon
of war.  DU rounds were designed to kill enemy tanks that are trying to kill
you.  The "silver bullet" worked just fine. Yet, a bunch of idiots got its
use stopped because it was mildly radioactive and a weapon of war. You don't
like war fine; please don't make it harder on the men and women that do have
to fight in a war.  But enough of my ranting and raving.  Technically, this
report shows what most of us already know:  The ionizing radiation
associated with DU is not a health hazard.  I also have the U.S. reports on
DU which show the same thing.  I wonder if other countries that used or use
DU munitions have similar reports.


Victor Anderson, CHP 


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There is a very comprehensive report posted here -


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