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Sun Feb 24 01:23:10 CST 2013

Dear Radsafe:
     Hope you all are well.
     Clearly, a great deal of information will be found  by understanding 
the breast section of human DNA
(i.e. genome mapping).  We will begin to understand shape, size,  
composition, structural makeup,
fluid flow patterns (blood and other fluids), possibly information about  
breast cancer itself.
    I guess the stages of breast growth are something  like:  youth, growth 
to maturity/adulthood,
maturity/adulthood, old age etc.  I guess the typical breast in  adulthood 
has 2 typical states of 
operation:  inactive mode, active mode (breast milk being  produced).  Most 
adult breasts are usually not
in active mode.  The time around pregnancy is active mode.
   Beast cancer has a latency time, which I expect is fairly well  known.  
Some of this latency time may
be due to buildup and/or trapping of carcinogens in the breast  volume.  
Some of this latency time may
be due to actual growth of cancer cells in the breast.   For good 
treatment, early detection of 
Cancer is quite desirable.  There are many means of Cancer treatment:  
radiation, Chemotherapy,
laser surgery???, advanced radiation modalities, surgery etc.
    Breasts may be their own worst enemy.  Usually,  they sag a fair 
amount, which may ultimately
produce mechanisms by which carcinogens may be trapped in the breast.   
Mass loading of the breast
and sagging may actually act to limit blood and/or other fluid  
circulation.  Such effects may also be important as a person gets  older.  As a person 
gets older, plaques seem build up all over the  human
body (heart, brain, etc.).  Such plaques may act to limit blood flow,  and 
may actually act to trap
various carcinogens.  The good news is that breasts are close to the  
heart, which helps blood 
circulation.  If blood circulation is reduced to the breasts, Oxygen  flow 
to the breasts may be reduced.
Limited blood flow may also act to reduce Nerve Growth Factors from  
reaching the breasts, somewhat.
     The degree of fatness of a person may also limit  circulation.  Fat 
cells may also act to store
carcinogens???  Heredity is also sometimes a factor in breast  Cancer.  
Some people may have
weak veins, arteries etc. which may help induce Carcinogen trapping (i.e  
structural defects).
     Old age and immune system failure may go hand and  hand???  A 
compromised immune system
may have difficulty fighting off growth of Cancer Cells.
     I am not an expert in this field of science.   There may be some 
Cancer Science discoveries waiting to 
happen.  I guess one treatment of plaques would be HCl compounds and  
similar compounds.
Taking drugs/nutrition to support immune system health may be worthwhile  
also.  Taking aspirin
somewhat, with medical supervision may help a person's heart to be  
healthy.  Enough said.
    Regards,   Joe Preisig

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