[ RadSafe ] Over-reliance on one source of energy - Australian Article (related)

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Here's an interesting related article from "Down Under".

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I agree that diversification is desperately needed.  In my opinion, the goal should be decentralization to as great extent possible, as a decentralized system is more flexible and robust.  Natural gas should be part of whole, but only part.  I am not in favor of big natural gas power plants becoming the foundation of our energy supply, for several reasons.  I am very much against the US building gas liquefaction facilities, again for several reason, the biggest being the pillaging of the domestic market for the profits of the very, very few, and safety (in an accident, a oil tanker leaks, with is bad.  In a similar magnitude accident a LNG tanker potentially gets mistaken as a nuclear detonation.  A fairly large one).

I, frankly, would like to see someone develop small gas turbines, that could power a home, or apartment complex, or neighborhood, and have these installed near the loads.  It would make better use of existing infrastructure, be more robust in case of disrupting events, and, while probably taking more capital in the long run, capital costs would be eased because all of the small facilities wouldn't need to be completed before it could come online.  

These are some of the reasons I favor building smaller, modular reactors, even though some people I respect feel that if it isn't at least a thousand megawatts, it isn't worth talking about.   

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From the NY Times, here is an interesting article that at least half-heartedly attempts to address the dire need for diversification of energy sources for our electrical grid. My favorite quote from it is below.

In New England, a Natural Gas Trap...
"New England’s problems have been moderated somewhat by imports. “Without Indian Point, New England would have been toast,” Mr. Short said. “We’re importing 1,400 megawatts out of New York.” Indian Point is a twin-unit nuclear plant on the Hudson River that New York State is seeking to close.""

For the full article:


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