[ RadSafe ] Professor Zbigniew Jaworowski 1927-2011

Maury Siskel maurysis at peoplepc.com
Sat Jan 12 14:41:51 CST 2013

        *Professor* Zbigniew *Jaworowski  17 Oct 1927 - 12 Nov 2011*


He was the epitome of a Scientist. This man built a long career spanning 
a variety of science subject matters. These ranged from extensive 
research into the content of ice cores to the effects on human health of 
low dose radiation and the worldwide effects of the Chernobyl nuclear 
power plant accident in 1986. In the best tradition of science 
controversies, Prof. Jaworowski was an ardent participant and advocate.  
I'm sorry that he is gone.

I don't know if the news was overlooked on Radsafe or if I had forgotten 
it.  A recent email to him regarding the new UNSCEAR report on low dose 
radiation and on LNT led to a return notice that he had passed away late 
in 2011.

Science lost a practitioner of the highest caliber.

Maury Siskel

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