[ RadSafe ] Radiochemical Analysis/Assessment of EnvironmentalSamples

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I don't if someone has mentioned this, but have you looked at MARLAP: 

"MARLAP provides guidance for the planning, implementation, and assessment 
phases of those projects that require the laboratory analysis of 
radionuclides. The guidance provided by MARLAP is both scientifically rigorous 
and flexible enough to be applied to a diversity of projects and programs. 
This guidance is intended for project planners, managers, and laboratory 



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Thanks Franz :-)

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, not quite sure) analysis will be done by 
a third party, so info is needed to verify best practice/QA.

I will let you know about the Radiometric One Stop Shop Technique after you 
let me know about the hand-held detector that does the same!


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