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Jake et al.

These are good suggestions.  Harvard's Proton Center at Mass General
is a little closer to home (I assume that you are in Cambridge).  They
probably have multiple beam lines, with one reserved for research. Why
not give them a call:


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In the MIT vicinity, UMass/Lowell has a Van de Graaff  capable of
generating 2 MeV protons.  See the physics department  website.
If you need higher than 2 MeV protons, Brookhaven Lab has a  serious
Tandem Van de Graaff, and also a 200 MeV proton linac that injects into  the
Alternating Gradient Synchrotron.  See their website.  I remember  the Van de
Graaff people at BNL doing circuit irradiation studies.
Nowadays there are medical proton therapy accelerators  around more
than before.  You might look for them also.  Last I heard,  Yale and SUNY/Stony
Brook still had serious Van de Graaff accelerators  also.
UMass/Lowell is set up to accept customers from outside  the Lowell

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