[ RadSafe ] Fwd: 2 MeV+ Proton Beam Access

Jake Hecla jakehecla at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 13:37:48 CDT 2013

Thank you for the suggestions! I'm actually located in Washington (Seattle
area) and that's where the testing is based out of. I'll definitely look
into the options back east though for later in the year should we not find
a resource in this area.

2013/6/28 Chris Alston <achris1999 at gmail.com>

> Jake et al.
> These are good suggestions.  Harvard's Proton Center at Mass General
> is a little closer to home (I assume that you are in Cambridge).  They
> probably have multiple beam lines, with one reserved for research. Why
> not give them a call:
> http://www.massgeneral.org/radiationoncology/burrprotoncenter.aspx?
> Cheers
> cja
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> Jake/Radsafe:
> In the MIT vicinity, UMass/Lowell has a Van de Graaff  capable of
> generating 2 MeV protons.  See the physics department  website.
> If you need higher than 2 MeV protons, Brookhaven Lab has a  serious
> Tandem Van de Graaff, and also a 200 MeV proton linac that injects into
>  the
> Alternating Gradient Synchrotron.  See their website.  I remember  the Van
> de
> Graaff people at BNL doing circuit irradiation studies.
> Nowadays there are medical proton therapy accelerators  around more
> than before.  You might look for them also.  Last I heard,  Yale and
> SUNY/Stony
> Brook still had serious Van de Graaff accelerators  also.
> UMass/Lowell is set up to accept customers from outside  the Lowell
> community.
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