[ RadSafe ] Radioactive water treatment devices on ebay- the Rejuvenator returns

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 9 01:43:48 CDT 2013

Has anyone else noticed the appearence of "Quantum Scalar Energy" pendents and similar items on ebay? The items are clamed to produce "negative ions",but it's not mentioned that they are slightly radioactive. Some ads show the "negative ions" being detected with a geiger counter. The pendants appear to contain NORM, possibly Thorium rich sand, encapsulated in resin and are probably harmless. I have one and it produces low levels of beta and gamma radiation but virtually no alphas (2-3 counts in 10 minutes with a ZnS scintillaton detector). A slightly more worrying development is that they are now selling water "filters" with a "Quantum Scalar Energy" stick to go in it. It appears to be a simple mechanical filter (says PP, Polyproplyene?) no activated carbon or ion exchange so it's probabaly not a good filter and certainly won't make contaminated water safe as claimed. The "Quantum Scalar Energy" stick contins unknown material, but is probably similar
 to the pendants but with the risk of internal contamination. 
Are these things legal? At best the claims are misleading. I think something should be done, but I'm in the UK and they are on ebay.com and the seller is probabaly in China.
Any thoughts?
Robert Atkinson CEng MRAeS

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