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We have a D-T neutron generator that straddles all our programs in terms of our regulatory work.  We list the NG on our x-ray registration list, the tritium contained in the head and the target are managed as licensed RAM, and the equip is classified as a "particle accelerator" in Washington regulation.  Essentially the safety system and room design are mostly out of the accelerator regs, but we threw in some borated concrete and leak testing into the mix for some flair.  Occasionally when the head has to go in for servicing we have to drain the chiller water which has some minimal (but definitely measurable) amounts of tritium contamination.


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What are the regulations regarding an electronic neutron generator?  Something like a D-D fusion type.  It's possible to make one in a reasonably well equipped lab, so if someone did, what licensing and use regulations would apply?
Regulations on an x-ray machine are fairly clear (and they're  MUCH more common! - both the machines, and regs!).
I realize that "standard radiation dose limits" would apply, but most of the regulations I see are associated with the Tritium content of a D-T generator, is there anything special someone would have to do if they made a D-D neutron generator?

And yes, I realize that if it was done in a DOE facility their rules would apply.

Thanks in advance!
Brian Rees
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