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Sort of like finding a gallery of black velvet paintings in the Louvre. Kind of disappointing to anyone who labors to produce what we hope to be a high-quality research paper that will be taken seriously - this sort of thing cheapens and diminishes all of the good work that's produced (at least from the perspective of the general public) since you can't hold up "published in a peer-reviewed journal" as an indication of quality.


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Since reading this article, I have cast a skeptical gaze on "published results" of any sort.  I was rather distressed by this author's report but at least it explained how so many papers of questionable quality and premise were getting published.


"Acceptance was the norm, not the exception. The paper was accepted by journals hosted by industry titans Sage and Elsevier. The paper was accepted by journals published by prestigious academic institutions such as Kobe University in Japan. It was accepted by scholarly society journals. It was even accepted by journals for which the paper's topic was utterly inappropriate, such as the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Assisted Reproduction"

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