[ RadSafe ] Hospital workers subjected to excessive radiation, lawsuits claim

David Englehart dgenglehart at gmail.com
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It is likely this article is using the word film to mean a Computed
Radiography or CR cassette loaded with an imaging plate. Most hospitals use
a combination of xray machines equipped with digital receptors or
conventional xray units which easily accept CR cassettes just like the old
wet-processing film cassettes. Then the CR imaging plate is processed
through a CR reader. Although with more and more portable xray units using
flash pads tethered to the unit, or battery powered digital receptors even
CR is becoming outdated. I have many sites that still rely on CR cassettes,
used mainly with portable xray units.

I have seen CR images that show a tech's arm superimposed over the image.
The tech, waiting for another shot to be taken or waiting for the
availability of the reader, was standing near a portable or within range of
scattered radiation. This artifact has served as a great example of how
very sensitive CR imaging plates are, as well as emphasizing the need to be
diligent about ALARA practices. I wouldn't be surprised that a tech could
"fog" a CR imaging plate left in a busy CT control room.

David Englehart MS

On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Eric Goldin <emgoldin at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Regarding the claim that excessive radiation fogged x-ray films, can
> someone tell us if the medical folks even use film anymore?  I thought just
> about all x-ray imaging was digital these days.
> P.S.  As a retired nuclear power HP, I can point to the very detailed
> shielding surveys conducted during startup testing to validate the
> architect-engineer design specs for radiation levels.  I'm a bit surprised
> something similar isn't performed at some level in the medical field.  And
> what about dosimeters?  Didn't the "exposed" techs have badges and wear
> them?
> Eric Goldin, CHP
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