[ RadSafe ] Legacy school rad materials disposal

Thomas Papura trpapura at gw.dec.state.ny.us
Thu Jan 23 11:43:11 CST 2014

I am trying to help out a couple local schools. They have some legacy radioactive sources, and among them are the kits as seen on Paul Frame's website:
The least expensive quote we obtained from brokers was $225 per box. One school has 40 plus and the other 20 plus. This is a considerable expense. 
My question is this? Most brokers want to charge ludicrous amounts of money to dispose of them due to the Nitrate content and subsequent concerns. Considering the trivial amounts of Uranium and Thorium present, I would imagine they are exempt from regulation but was wondering if anyone knows for sure how they were distributed? Were they sold as exempt? Generally licensed? If so, perhaps they could be solidified in concrete and disposed of without regard to their rad content? 
Any assistance would be appreciated.  
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