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David.Walter at adph.state.al.us David.Walter at adph.state.al.us
Fri Jan 24 11:12:42 CST 2014


You are correct that in Alabama a license to provide nuclear medicine 
services is a fee category 7.C.  Currently, that carries an application 
fee of $2,475.00 and a maximum annual fee of $6,750.00.  The application 
fee must accompany the license application.  You will be billed for annual 
fees.  Do not pay them until you are invoiced.

Annual fees are also subject to discounts based on a licensee meeting 
certain small entity criteria.  These discounts can bring the annual fee 
down to as little as $450.00.  On our web site, on the forms page, you 
will find our Certification of Small Entity Status Form.  That will 
explain how you might qualify.  There is no discount for application fees.

Our fees are set by law at 75% of the same fee charged by the U.S. Nuclear 
Regulatory Commission, and change almost every year, usually during 

I am most concerned that you have not been able to contact us.  You can do 
so by email on our web site, which would come directly to me, or you can 
call us at 334-206-5391.  For persons inside Alabama, you can use our toll 
free number, 800-582-1866.

David Walter
Visit our web site at www.adph.org/radiation

Anyone here in the state of Alabama?
I have been trying to get someone on the phone at the state there for over
a month  to get an answer a question for me. I was wondering  about their
licensing fees for a radioactive materials license for a doctors office 
would be doing some Nuclear Medicine scans.
When I look at the fee schedule, I see #7 Human use of byproduct material,
source, or special nuclear material. Then that is broken down into A, 
use in sealed sources, teletherapy, etc B. Broad scope Medical 
or two or more physicians, and research and development, and C human use 
byproduct material, except sealed sources.
I am guessing a small doctors office would fall under the category of C
which would have fees of $2475.00 for the application, and $6750/00 for 
annual fee? Is this correct?
This would be quite expensive if it was for a physician who just does
studies once a week in their office.
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