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John Harvey john.harvey at westphysics.com
Fri Jan 24 14:05:21 CST 2014

Hi Diane, 

The type of Alabama license you’re looking for is indeed class 7C, and the annual and application fees you found on the fee schedule are correct. You’re also right in that those fees are quite considerable for small businesses. 

However, Alabama calculates their fees by setting them at 75% of the cost of NRC’s fee for a comparable license, and NRC reduces the cost of annual license renewals for small businesses. If a small business makes less than $6.5M in average gross receipts in the last three fiscal years, the maximum license renewal fee in Alabama is reduced to $2100. If a small business makes less than $450k in average gross receipts, the maximum annual fee is reduced to $450. 

In order to qualify for the reduced fee on annual renewal, the licensee has to fill out this form (it might be provided with a renewal packet, but I’ve found that most states expect you to know to renew your license without them having to remind you, so you can get burned if you wait to receive something from them first): 

Alternatively, you could hire a mobile nuclear medicine provider to come to the doctor’s office. I won’t name any specific ones because I’m just trying to be helpful, not make a sales pitch, but one of my firm’s clients is such a company that operates in Alabama. If you think it might be more economical to hire a third party to do your nuclear medicine scans for you, I can put you in contact with them. 


John A. Harvey, Ph.D.
Medical and Health Physicist
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On Jan 24, 2014, at 6:37 AM, Diane Griffiths <nucleardi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anyone here in the state of Alabama?
> I have been trying to get someone on the phone at the state there for over
> a month  to get an answer a question for me. I was wondering  about their
> licensing fees for a radioactive materials license for a doctors office who
> would be doing some Nuclear Medicine scans.
> When I look at the fee schedule, I see #7 Human use of byproduct material,
> source, or special nuclear material. Then that is broken down into A, Human
> use in sealed sources, teletherapy, etc B. Broad scope Medical institutions
> or two or more physicians, and research and development, and C human use of
> byproduct material, except sealed sources.
> I am guessing a small doctors office would fall under the category of C
> which would have fees of $2475.00 for the application, and $6750/00 for the
> annual fee? Is this correct?
> This would be quite expensive if it was for a physician who just does
> studies once a week in their office.
> Diane
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