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Dear David:

Where is Bernie Hannah these days? Retired?  I met him once in the middle
of Vienna on Kaerntner Strasse in the early '80s.  He had not seen me since
I was about 16 at his cyclotron lab, so I wasn't surprised that he had to
think about who I was. He sat down and had a cup of coffee when his eyes
lit-up after I told him I was working at the International Atomic Energy
Agency. Then the fun started!  I introduced him to my Russian (Soviet) boss
and everyone in the Nuclear Energy Department. My boss, Alexander Nechaev
told me later that "that explained quite a lot" about me...


Dan ii

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On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 10:12 AM, <David.Walter at adph.state.al.us> wrote:

> Diane,
> You are correct that in Alabama a license to provide nuclear medicine
> services is a fee category 7.C.  Currently, that carries an application
> fee of $2,475.00 and a maximum annual fee of $6,750.00.  The application
> fee must accompany the license application.  You will be billed for annual
> fees.  Do not pay them until you are invoiced.
> Annual fees are also subject to discounts based on a licensee meeting
> certain small entity criteria.  These discounts can bring the annual fee
> down to as little as $450.00.  On our web site, on the forms page, you
> will find our Certification of Small Entity Status Form.  That will
> explain how you might qualify.  There is no discount for application fees.
> Our fees are set by law at 75% of the same fee charged by the U.S. Nuclear
> Regulatory Commission, and change almost every year, usually during
> August.
> I am most concerned that you have not been able to contact us.  You can do
> so by email on our web site, which would come directly to me, or you can
> call us at 334-206-5391.  For persons inside Alabama, you can use our toll
> free number, 800-582-1866.
> David Walter
> Visit our web site at www.adph.org/radiation
> Anyone here in the state of Alabama?
> I have been trying to get someone on the phone at the state there for over
> a month  to get an answer a question for me. I was wondering  about their
> licensing fees for a radioactive materials license for a doctors office
> who
> would be doing some Nuclear Medicine scans.
> When I look at the fee schedule, I see #7 Human use of byproduct material,
> source, or special nuclear material. Then that is broken down into A,
> Human
> use in sealed sources, teletherapy, etc B. Broad scope Medical
> institutions
> or two or more physicians, and research and development, and C human use
> of
> byproduct material, except sealed sources.
> I am guessing a small doctors office would fall under the category of C
> which would have fees of $2475.00 for the application, and $6750/00 for
> the
> annual fee? Is this correct?
> This would be quite expensive if it was for a physician who just does
> studies once a week in their office.
> Diane
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