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Pat, your point is well taken though with all due respect, the intent of your post appeared clearly to seek to stifle such discussions, or rather 'submissions'.

I may post on this topic as well but am far more likely to read posts on it - aspects it are of interest to me as a physicist - and an environmental health physicist, I find such submissions and responses to be entertaining and enlightening. Though this blog may be many things to many people, for me entertainment and enlightenment in the field of all things in the physics of radiation protection are amongst its' finest qualities. One clearly cannot deny there is a link to AGW and health physics as the mission statement in your link clearly demonstrates this causality.
There are many other plausible theories concerning the causes of global warming and cooling periods during glacial and interglaical periods of which greenhouse gases are but one (very plausible) cause. Milankovitch Forcing, solar cycles ala Mauder minimums, orbital eccentricity and inclination, orbital obliquity combined with CO2 feedback have all figured in to various theories (Tibetan uplift anyone?). The Wisconsin Stage of the last glacial period only ended 13,300 years ago - a geological blink of an eye (anthropogenic?). Geologic evidence indicates that the more recent periods run on 100,000 year cycles and clearly we do not seem to be there yet. Though the evidence for AGW may seem incontrovertible to some, the contrarian in me is always looking to turn over a few more stones and no this is not done in the service of the  fossil fuel industry. Healthy skepticism is inherent in keeping scientific theory from morphing into dogma. Without creationists, the theory of evolution would not be nearly so well vetted.

I shudder to link my support for one theory over another to my economic fortunes. I would prefer that my grandchildren could one day safely eat fish out of NY lakes and rivers again which the elimination of fossil fuels (coal in particular) would greatly enhance.

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I can only speak for myself. I post on the topic because the topic of global 
warming has been wrapped up into the topic of nuclear energy - most prominently 
by nuclear energy advocacy groups. As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of 
good reasons to stop burning fossil fuels, just as there are plenty of good 
reasons to use nuclear energy. If the most prominent argument in either the 
climate change OR the nuclear energy debate ends up being based more on politics 
than on science - and if the science turns out to be wrong - then all of the 
other reasons might fall as well, due only to their association with a 
discredited idea. 

To put the last piece in place - a lot of RSTs, HPs, and nuclear engineers have 
an obvious stake in whether or not we build more nuclear reactors or just start 
tearing down those that we have. That alone should make it a relevant topic for 
this list-server.


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If I had said I don't know why this site continues to "post" submissions rather 
than "receive"; you would have a point with your censorship statement. I 
questioned the motivation of the submitters. If it were only a few climate 
change submittals, I would welcome the insight, but after so many, I question 
the motivation.	http://www.ans.org/pi/ps/docs/ps44.pdf


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