[ RadSafe ] Is this the beginning of the end of the debate on low-dose radiation effects?

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Dear Otto,
   According to your paper and your statement below, there is only increase in cancers from low-dose radiation (cancer induction or promotion).  With such a model how do you explain the observed reduction of cancers at low doses in many studies?  If your model cannot explain such key features of data, the model cannot be considered to be valid.  Hence my suggestion to revise the model to include adaptive protection at low doses, and cancer induction/promotion at high doses.  
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8 July 2014

Whether or not the A-Bomb data are linear to zero is not the main issue.

The key truth is that two completely different mechanisms are associated with an acute exposure and with protracted exposures. These are induction of cancer in the case of protracted exposure and promotion of carcinogenic processes in the case of an acute exposure.

This is what I described in my HPJ forum article:
Health Phys. 101:84-93; 2011.


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