[ RadSafe ] Build-up factor tables

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Try the Radiological Health Handbook (1970) available at:

(see pp. 145-147 [pdf pp. 147-149 / 471])


(see pp. 145-147 [pdf pp. 153-155 / 464])


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Hi all,

Sometimes I dabble in simple radiation shielding calculations, where I use 
Microshield. I like to check if my models give me a reasonable result, and 
to do that I feel a need for tables with dose build-up factors. To only 
use attenuation factors is not good enough at all.

I want to ask if you are aware of any freely accessible good compilations 
of tables! For different energies, materials and so on. I have looked 
around a bit but only find ANSI/ANS factors in publications that are for 

All the best,
Mattias Olsson, Sweden
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