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> I sent the e-mail below for posting on RADSAFE on Monday.  To date I have
> not seen it posted.  Since this was my first attempt to post to RADSAFE, I
> may not have followed the proper protocols.  Please post or let me know how
> to get posted.
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> Organization: Mission Support Alliance, LLC • 2430 Stevens Center,
> Richland, WA 99352
> Job Begins: 1 December 2014
> Position Number: 25463
> Description: The Hanford Radiological Instrumentation Program (HRIP)
> Manager is responsible for all operational aspects of the radiological
> instrument calibration program and reports directly to the Radiological
> Site Services Director. This position ensures that the department provides
> technically capable calibration, maintenance, and repair services for
> portable and semi-portable radiological instrumentation, and delivers
> technically sound, defensible data for determining the adequacy of site
> radiological control programs to protect the health and safety of workers,
> the public, and the environment.
> The HRIP Manager will assist in implementing policies and priorities to
> meet or exceed all MSC contract requirements, consistent with MSA goals and
> objectives.
> The HRIP Manager provides direct technical support to calibration and
> repair technicians, and will work with HRIP customers to address and
> resolve calibration issues, and assists with any investigations or
> troubleshooting.
> The HRIP Manager plays a key role in the organizational structure of the
> program. This position is directly responsible for production and business
> operations personnel.
> Roles and Responsibilities:
> 1.            Provide a place of employment that is free from hazards that
> may cause serious physical harm to workers. Convey safety expectations to
> facility personnel (including Stop Work).
> 2.            Provide overall direction of the department's functions.
> Assist in the establishment of HRIP's goal and objectives within the RSS
> management plan. Develop and oversee methods for measuring and evaluating
> the performance of the activities performed within HRIP, including
> personnel, equipment, and service levels.
> 3.            Implement direction, training, and evaluation of HRIP
> production and technical functions. Coordinate and direct the efforts of
> HRIP to ensure that the function operates efficiently.
> 4.            Day-to-day management of HRIP staff, including interfacing
> with HRIP's Production and Business Operations Leads in relation to daily
> supervision and work direction of staff.
> 5.            Review, approve, and maintain MSA-MA-562, MSA-MA-563 and
> associated calibration procedures. Function as the technical authority for
> assigned methods and procedures. Interface with the quality assurance
> department to ensure compliance of the HRIP employees with assigned methods
> to policy and procedural requirements.
> 6.            Assist in the budget process for the department, including
> preparing, reporting against, and operating within department budgets.
> Oversee development of resource plans and personnel schedules.
> 7.            Maintain proper staff levels and the quality and competence
> of the personnel on that staff. Evaluate the performance of the
> organization's personnel.
> 8.            Act as the responsible manager for HRIP corrective action
> management (CAM) activities. Address technological corrective action
> issues. Collaborate with RSS QA Management in response to assessments and
> surveillances conducted by RL, state, and federal regulatory agencies and
> internal oversight organizations.
> 9.            Conduct management assessments as scheduled. Focus on
> management systems, including performance in the field, and report
> compliance issues identified.
> 10.          Guide and manage the planning of capital equipment
> procurement of new and replacement items.
> 11.          Determine and provide a necessary level of technical
> documentation during requirements gathering, based on technical services
> group standards and procedures and discussions with project staff, industry
> experience, and technical vendors
> 12.          Responsible for scoping, identification of project
> deliverables, and creation of project-specific documentation such as
> functional specifications, technical specifications, etc.
> 13.          Review calibration frequencies per MSA-MA-563
> 14.          Assure facility postings, Radiological Work Permits (RWPs),
> and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are current.
> 15.          Review and approve completed calibration data sheets as
> needed.
> 16.          Interface with business systems/client services regarding
> customer issues related to calibration problems, complaints, and requests
> for special services.
> 17.          Interface with production control department to approve and
> implement instrument modification requests
> 18.          Maintain records of all instrument performance data for
> radiation detection instruments used at Hanford.
> 19.          MSA's primary point of contact for the MSA's responsibilities
> associated with the Hanford Instrument Evaluation Committee
> 20.          Keep abreast of industry trends and advancements in
> Contribute to the company knowledge base and process improvements
> Website: http://msa.hanford.gov/hr/
> Position is open until 15 November 2014. All candidates must submit
> application on the MSA HR website.
> Please contact Sue Kon at 509-373-7460 or susan_l_kon at rl.gov<mailto:
> susan_l_kon at rl.gov>
> Attn: MSA Human Resources Department • Phone: 800-438-1305 • Email:
> msahr at rl.gov<mailto:msahr at rl.gov>
> Wayne M. Glines, CHP
> Acting HRIP Technical Lead
> (509) 376-3235 (W)
> (509) 366-8382 (M)
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