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A suggestion.  Education is always a good precursor to making assessments.  Here's a good start:


For more info., here's a more comprehensive treatment:


One last thought.  The Chinese have a slightly different take on what was needed to end the war being waged against them:



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Greetings from Nagasaki.

An extraordinarily beautiful city.

Just 2 days ago I visited the A bomb memorial. Gruesome. 

Franz says it would have been better not to develop this bomb; probably
this is unrealistic, once the principle was known. The monstrous crime was
using it just as starting shot of the cold war. Just to signal to the
Soviet Union, hey we don't need your support any more, East Asia is our
backyard, so keep out, and by the way, we could do it twice! For this
purpose 10000s were carbonized in a second, centuries old shrines blown
away, the largest catholic church of E Asia (next to the hypocentre)
reduced to rubble - this was genocide.

Greetings from Nagasaki.



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>On Oct 4, 2014 1:46 PM, "Franz Schönhofer" <franz.schoenhofer at chello.at>
>> Cary,
>> Thank you for this link, which provided for me since a very long time
>> only interesting information on RADSAFE - I do not regard the
>forwarding of
>> messages of an obviously paranoid blogger, who does not even use her
>> name   as interesting. I am aware that other RADSAFErs might not share
>> opinion - never mind!Background information: I have been fascinated
>> school about everything regarding radioactivity (I turned 70 recently!),
>> hold a PhD in the field of radiochemistry, have worked for the Austrian
>> government, also as a legislator, visited Hiroshima twice and Nagasaki
>> once, worked for the IAEA on the Mururoa Project as the leader of the
>> Terrestrial Working Group, also for the CTBTO.
>> Those pictures are somehow fascinating, but to be honest I believe that
>> would have been better not to develop those bombs.
>> Best wishes!
>> Franz
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>> Photographer created contemporary versions of Historic Atomic Test
>> photos...
>> His "Atomic Overlook" series revisits America's legacy of atomic bomb
>> http://j.mp/atomicoverlook
>> Cary
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>> Cary.renquist at ezag.com
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