[ RadSafe ] Books between CHP Part 1 and Part 2

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NCRP 161 vol 1 has a lot of information aimed at medical and emergency responders as well as HPs - including information that's useful in many circumstances outside of rad/nuke emergencies. Vol 2 has even more information, although a lot of it is likely way beyond what the CHP exam would call for.

Eisenbud and Gesell has some great information on environmental radioactivity as well as exposure pathways etc.

Till's book on Radiological Assessment also has a ton of information and is a great reference - general purpose in many cases but (of course) with an environmental and dose reconstruction tilt.

But what's all this "between Parts 1 and 2" business? Might as well just sacrifice six months to study and take 'em both at the same time!


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I was brainstorming with a colleague that's assisting a University HP program, and one thing that came up is what someone should  be doing after passing part one and being eligible for the CHP Part 2 exam.  I was thinking about what books to recommend that they read to further deepen their knowledge during that time.  People may have books that they used during school, but have not fully read, and should, or books that may not have been part of their program.   I was thinking of a relatively short list - something like 6-10 books that would be useful to round out a person's knowledge of Health Physics and also help prepare them for part 2.

The first book I thought of is Knoll's 'Radiation Detection and Measurement', and then Stannard's 'Radiation and Health'.

What other books would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,
Brian Rees, RRPT, CHP

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