[ RadSafe ] Does Anybody Remember?

H.Estabrooks at cns.doe.gov H.Estabrooks at cns.doe.gov
Tue Feb 3 05:50:35 CST 2015

I am working on a presentation and wanted to make a point about the place for common language vs. jargon.

If my aging memory serves me, there was a guy who routinely wrote a column that ran inside the back cover of Nuclear News.  Way back in the early '80s he wrote an article about how people thought papers written with a lot of technical terms made the author look smarter (more credible) than those written in common language.  I think the article was entitled "Into the Fog" or something similar.

Does anyone recall this article, its title and/or the author?  I'd like to get a copy of the article if possible.

Thanks much.

Bates Estabrooks
Y-12 NSC
Radiological Control Engineer-Staff Training
Radiological Controls Emergency Program Coordinator

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