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Hi Gretchen

As a practical matter, the dose limits for whole body (5 rem) and extremity (50 rem) are an order of magnitude apart.  I used to start extremity monitoring when the ratio of the 1 inch dose and 12 inch dose (from the surface of whatever the source of radiation) was more than a factor of 3 different.  Of course, if it is a point-like source, added considerations of instrument response and handling tools is needed.

Joe Shonka

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Hi-I am a student at U of M and am taking a lab that requires I familiarize
myself with 10CFR20 (among other things!)

My question is this:

Under what circumstances, if any, is the use of extremity monitoring
required under NRC regulations?

I found in 10CFR20.1502 (a) the circumstances that require and individual
to monitor for external dose, but can't seem to find anything that deals
solely with extremity monitoring.

Any help is appreciated!

Gretchen Mitschelen
University of Michigan class of 2015
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
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