[ RadSafe ] Chernobyl educational and training program, Sept. 6-12

Rahim Ghanooni rahim.ghanooni at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 11:27:38 CDT 2015

Good Morning Carl:

It was nice talking  to you yesterday.

I am interested in the program.  As I mentioned I have been working in the
Nuke plants for the past 30 years, during design, constraction, operation
and decommissioning.  That means I designed them, built them, operated them
and destroyed them.

This trip would be great education for me.  I have a very good camcorder, I
hope I can bring it to record the site, you can have a copy for your

I have been attending the AMUG meeting in Vegas for the past few years and
always had a presentation, I think I will give a presentation on Small
Modular Reactor (SMR), which I have been a member of the designer team for
the past three years.  Hope to see you there and we can go for a dinner, on

Please provide information on the trip, and fell free to call me anytime



On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 4:33 PM, Carl Willis <carl.willis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear RADSAFErs,
> Interested in traveling to Chernobyl to learn about and experience the
> radiological environment at the world's most famous nuclear facility?  We
> had two cancellations for the September schedule and consequently there are
> openings available.
> I am one of the US-side coordinators for a pilot radiological training /
> educational tour on Sept. 6-12, arranged and hosted by Chernobyl Nuclear
> Power Plant ("ChNPP").  This is an opportunity to--among other
> things--visit the interior of the power plant, enter the "Local Zone"
> high-radiation work areas near the Shelter Object (Unit 4 sarcophagus),
> enter some parts of the Shelter Object, learn how radiation protection and
> work practices function in this unique environment, observe up-close and
> first-hand the progress on the New Safe Confinement, and visit the
> abandoned satellite city of Pripyat.  Some radiological classroom and field
> activities will be included, and a certificate of course completion is
> issued by ChNPP. We provide transportation from Kiev to Slavutych, all
> transportation in the Exclusion Zone, lodging in Slavutych, mid-day meals
> at the ChNPP cafeteria (delicious Ukrainian food!), English-speaking
> translators and plant personnel, experience (this is my fourth trip), and a
> sense of adventure. The participant list is limited to 12 people and was
> full until this morning. Coordinating this program is not a commercial
> activity for Erik Kambarian or myself...we're merely organizers, so we
> think the cost is very approachable.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please send me
> a reply or call me at 505-412-3277; I will send a PDF description of the
> planned activities and program cost.  We'll strongly favor the
> participation of people with some career background in radiation safety or
> emergency response in the interest of having a common foundation for the
> discussions that happen at ChNPP.  Airline travel to Kiev is NOT part of
> our program, and time is of the essence if you want good fares.  I hope we
> might have a couple RADSAFE members along with us!
> Best regards,
> Carl Willis
> Albuquerque, New Mexico
> +1-505-412-3277
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