[ RadSafe ] Looking for vendor for "hard xray" spectormeter calibration source.

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Mon Jun 29 12:58:38 CDT 2015

I looked in the journal and on the website for vendor data and was 
shocked to see how few ads there were.  This seems like something to be 
concerned about!!

Anyhow - I need to refer a client to what he refers to as a "hard" x-ray 
calibration source for an x-ray spectrometer.  They specifically 
mentioned an Am source and are looking for energies in the couple of 
10's of keV (I don't usually think of that low an energy as "hard").

I am trying to get more info on the spectrometer and its detector but 
thought I'd start this query going now.  The x-ray source for the 
analyzer is a high intensity Indium anode source - this may give you 
some idea of what they want and is pretty much all I can say about it.  
I think a vendor or user in the area would recognize the need.


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