[ RadSafe ] Review: an apocalyptic nuclear film with a strangely pro nuclear spin

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   What is the Lethal Dose to 50% (LD-50) of the population due to pure Imaginarium?  My gut reaction is to be dismissive of the effects of Imaginarium, but I suspect that there is a synergistic effect when it is coupled with high doses of pure Hysteria.  Unfortunately, at some point in time, once the damage has been done, even large doses of pure Reality cannot over come this synergistic effect.  One need look no further than the recent hysteria over the "potential" negative effects of preservatives  in vaccines to cause ill effects, to see the powerful effects of this at work.  The result of this misinformation and hysteria has been that real children all over the world have become ill from real diseases that were nearly 100% avoidable if only their parents had chosen to have them vaccinated.  Some unknown fraction of the ill children will no doubt die due to these diseases or side effects, or will be injured for remainder of their lives.  http://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2015/02/27/experts-blame-anti-vaccine-lobby-for-bosnia-measles-outbreak"Bosnia's immunization rate has fallen to just 87 percent, chief epidemiologist Jelena Ravlija said, below the 95 percent rate needed to prevent outbreaks. She said the risk of side effects is far lower than the likelihood of complications from the mumps or measles. In developed countries, measles kills about 1 in 1,000 infected people".
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".  Edmund Burke
 Roy Herren 

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 It was the exposure to large amounts of Imaginarium from Fukushima!  Duh!

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Why are there large numbers of deformed babies here and there was no such occurrence after Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Roger Helbig

> by Christina MacPherson
> After the Apocalypse: The anti-nuclear film that wasn't, Nuclear Free 
> by 2o45? by Dennis, 27 Feb 15
> As the fourth anniversary of the earthquake-tsunami-meltdown syndrome 
> approached, I looked back at an example of pro-nuclear spin that 
> appeared in the media in the spring of 2011. Ironically, the 
> pro-nuclear message discussed here is a film about the horrors of 
> atomic weapon blasts in The Polygon, the sacrifice zone in Kazakhstan 
> where the Soviet Union detonated hundreds of nuclear and thermonuclear 
> bombs. I'm timing this article to also commemorate the birth of the 
> Nevada-Semipalatinsk anti-nuclear movement which is marked every year in Kazakhstan on February 28th.
> After the Apocalypse [1] is a one-hour documentary that takes place in 
> Semipalatinsk, a town in north-eastern Kazakhstan where the USSR 
> detonated
> 456 nuclear weapons, many of them large-yield megaton hydrogen bombs. 
> The camera goes to radioactive craters where herders still take their 
> animals to graze. It goes to a museum where the pickled corpses of 
> deformed babies sit in jars. However, the horror show of the past is not the main attraction.
> The film concentrates on the fierce struggle that still goes on today 
> over the reproductive rights of the Kazakhstan hibakusha. The 
> director, Antony Butts, follows a pregnant woman, Bibigul, whose 
> wide-set eyes suggest chromosome damage. She wants to give birth 
> despite the protestations of Toleukhan Nurmagambetov, a doctor who 
> talks of the deformed, and too often abandoned, babies in the region 
> as "monsters." Read more of this post
> Christina MacPherson | February 28, 2015 at 4:00 am | Categories:
> Kazakhstan, Resources -audiovicual | URL: http://wp.me/phgse-iYs

> http://nuclear-news.net/2015/02/28/review-an-apocalyptic-nuclear-film-
> with-a-strangely-pro-nuclear-spin/

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