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Hello Joel,

I would have to say that the audit done by the licensee's regulator does not count as an annual audit. Depending on what field the licensee is in an annual audit encompasses a thorough review of the year's dosimetry results, the licensee's compliance with their procedures and the regulations governing their license (compared with actual evolutions), a review of the status of their license (currency of authorized users, procedures they are licensed to perform, etc.), and the records they are required to keep. 

As a regulator I am expected to focus primarily on performance based items with a smattering of paperwork  review to ensure the licensee is keeping up on periodic requirements like calibrations, surveys and inventories. One of the things I certainly want to see as part of my inspection is the results of at least the most recent annual audit; an annual audit is the licensee's responsibility. 

In fact we don't even visit the majority of our licensees on an annual basis. 

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A company with a RAM license was inspected by the regulator.  No problems were found.  The company says, "We've been audited. There's our annual audit."  That may not be in the spirit of Part 20, but doesn't it meet the letter of the requirement for an annual audit?  

--- Joel I. Cehn, CHP
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