[ RadSafe ] solar advances

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Tue Sep 1 11:49:07 CDT 2015

I didn't look for that article - so I don't know the specifics or if 
they require concentration but....

Don't worry - at even double the current solar cell efficiency (current 
practical max 10% or 20% with concentration) they would/could never put 
up enough sq miles of solar panels to even replace current usage - I ran 
the numbers.

Amazing since PEAK solar "impact" on my roof calculates to nearly 1/2 

On 8/31/2015 8:55 PM, ROY HERREN wrote:
> I suppose that it all depends on one's own vested interests as to how they feel about this issue, but the news about increasing the efficiency of inexpensive solar cells would seem to be really good news.  The current generation of Silicon solar cells are at near cost parity with major forms of generating electricty, so one could potentially surmise from this recent press that if this new technology makes it to market that the costs of solar photovoltaics will be less than other sources of electricity.  This has the potential to significantly shift the balance in the entire energy market.  Unfortunately,  without decreases in the cost of nuclear power generation, or significient governmental regulatory pressure on fossil fuel carbon emissions, this does not bode well for the nuclear industry.  The Nuclear industry could very well follow the coal industry into oblivion,  which in my humble opinion is ironic because I suspect that the coal industry and
>   their lobbyists have conspired over the years to kill the Nuclear Industry.
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