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Hi John!

I am curious about why somebody want to do a survey inside the vault if there is no work/inspection planned there. It is not in line with ALARA philosophy. It would be sufficient to do the dose rate surveys outside for that kind of area. Perhaps it is of interest to take dose rate measurements to keep track of the decay? In that case one can use telescopic poles at a safe distance.

To answer your questions:
1. We have a fixed schedule for surveys and in this case it is performed twice a year. (For that kind of equipment it is stored in a locked building with controlled entrance).
2. No, dose rates are taken outside the fence or "building"

Best regards

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The question are,
1. How often  do you have somebody do a dose rate surveillance for stable areas such as old steam generator storage vaults, ISFSIs, etc.?
2. Do you do anything other than a walk outside the fence?

The reason for asking the question is that it was suggested that these stable facilities needed frequent exterior AND interior surveys.  The Regs don't seem to require active surveys after the stable facility is in place, sealed, an d stable. 

thx in advance  - -jmr

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