[ RadSafe ] Reference for the word 'shake' ...and other sneaky Manhattan project words

Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 15:22:41 CST 2016


     A barn is a unit of cross-sectional area for nuclear reactions.  See
the book by Cember, Nuclear Physics books
by Kaplan or Segre, or Wikipedia on the internet.  The other units you
suggest are millibarns, microbarns etc.  Look up
milli  and micro for units.
     Don't know what a shake is  --- a quick unit of time????  See Dirac
delta functions etc.

     Joe Preisig

On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 4:08 PM, Ed Waller <ed.waller at xplornet.com> wrote:

> All,
> As part of some writing I am doing, I am trying to find origins of terms
> used in the nuclear field that are somewhat obscure.
> I have a reference for 'barn' (Note on the origin of the term "barn",
> Holloway and Baker, LAMS-623, 1947)
> [aside: Also, I have found some anecdotal evidence for a millibarm being a
> 'skilodge' and a microbarn being an 'outhouse', but no reference. I have
> also seen a reference to 1E-48 cm2 being a 'shed', but again no reference.]
> However, some other terms, such as 'shake', I am having a harder time
> finding a proper reference. Google has revealed lots of usage, and some
> secondary and tertiary referencing, but I cannot believe there is not a
> primary reference somewhere for this, and other terms like this.
> If anyone could help, I would be most appreciative.
> Best regards,
> Ed
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