[ RadSafe ] Reference for the word 'shake' ...and other sneaky Manhattan project words

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"shake" - see The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (1977), p. 17 (pdf p. 
24/660), footnote 4.  

The original reference to the term might also be in prior 1950 edition of 
this document.  The etymology of the term "shake" is not explained in the 


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As part of some writing I am doing, I am trying to find origins of terms
used in the nuclear field that are somewhat obscure.

I have a reference for 'barn' (Note on the origin of the term "barn",
Holloway and Baker, LAMS-623, 1947)
[aside: Also, I have found some anecdotal evidence for a millibarm being a
'skilodge' and a microbarn being an 'outhouse', but no reference. I have
also seen a reference to 1E-48 cm2 being a 'shed', but again no 

However, some other terms, such as 'shake', I am having a harder time
finding a proper reference. Google has revealed lots of usage, and some
secondary and tertiary referencing, but I cannot believe there is not a
primary reference somewhere for this, and other terms like this.

If anyone could help, I would be most appreciative. 

Best regards,

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