[ RadSafe ] six months of winter

Bradt, Clayton (HEALTH) clayton.bradt at health.ny.gov
Tue Jan 26 12:46:29 CST 2016

Having spent 31/2 years in Plattsburgh, NY,  I beg to differ.  Winter there lasted from November through April - six months. Now, there may be some regions of maritime Canada that have a slightly milder climate, but most of that country lies inland and to the North of Plattsburgh so I have a hard time believing winters are any shorter up there.

L. Lowe wrote:

I was not sure if you were just  kidding us Canucks about 6 months of winter in Canada.  Northern Canada does have long winters  and of  course snowfall dose impact the availability of solar power.   But for the record, where most of the population in Canada lives, the winter is considerably shorter than 6 months.  ...

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