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I guess it depends on how one defines winter.   My comment related largely
to snow fall  and its impact on solar cells, the gist of  the message to
which I was responding.   As previously indicated, Toronto has about 40
snow days/year, considerably less than six months.  Even considering snow
accumulation, our Christmas was  "green" this winter, a not uncommon
occurrence in Toronto.   Even now, I can see our lawn.  I admit the latter
is a bit unusual for late January, but this will be more frequent with
global warming.

I however cannot argue about Regina - it certainly has six months of winter
each year.

Fortunately, wherever you live, snow fall has essentially no impact on
nuclear power generation.

L. Lowe


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I second that. Here in Regina, Saskatchewan (2 hours from the American
border) we definitely have 6 months+ of winter.  Although, two weeks ago we
reached temperatures of -40 F, El Nino has been very good to us this winter.





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Having spent 31/2 years in Plattsburgh, NY,  I beg to differ.  Winter there
lasted from November through April - six months. Now, there may be some
regions of maritime Canada that have a slightly milder climate, but most of
that country lies inland and to the North of Plattsburgh so I have a hard
time believing winters are any shorter up there.

L. Lowe wrote:

I was not sure if you were just  kidding us Canucks about 6 months of winter
in Canada.  Northern Canada does have long winters  and of  course snowfall
dose impact the availability of solar power.   But for the record, where
most of the population in Canada lives, the winter is considerably shorter
than 6 months.  ...


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