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     Guess I'll speak a little science concerning my gedanken experiment
and the connection between Electromagnetism
and Gravity --- the final connection between the four fundamental forces.
The Glocke, Haunebu and TR3B flying ships all work on a
simple fundamental principle.  If one makes cylinders, a Marconi sphere or
a torus of Mercury, or a mercury-like compound go around and around quickly
using various electromagnetic power systems, one will clearly set up an
associated magnetic field, which could be quite strong, and the magnetic
field, in and of itself, might interact with the Earth's or Sun's magnetic
field and thereby create propulsion.  The next step is even more fun.

     As the mercury spins or goes through a toroidal orbit, and the
velocity gets big and starts to approach the speed of light (c), the
accelerated beam, plasma, mercury becomes quite massive.  For propulsion
you are not so interested in a well-focused acce
lerated particle beam, but one would like a mercury mass, plasma or
whatever, brought up to the speed of light.  As one imparts energy to the
mercury or whatever, recall that E = mc**2.  One can also think of the
special relativity accelerated mass, with the square root of (1-v**2/c**2)
in the denominator.  The ** (star star) symbol indicates exponentiation.

     We can make accelerator beams approach the velocity of light.  The
next step is of interest also.  As the mercury continues to get massive,
the object involved starts to get massive.  General Relativistic things
start to happen.  The Sun is a massive object that causes light to bend.
The mercury which is now quite energetic and also attracts things.
This Relativistic connection of gravity to EM forces is one basis for
advanced propulsion.

     A good theorist, or perhaps even another physicist in time, can write
equations for the energy of the mercury system and General Relativity
equations describing the propulsive attractive force.  A similar
accelerated mercury system, with similar attractive properties, could be
used to form a tractor beam or whatever one would call it.  Such a system
could be directionalized using a Multi-axis Gimballed mount system.

     The preceding, once written with the proper equations, will probably
describe the theoretical connection between EM, weak force, strong force
and gravity.  This is the result Einstein was looking for at the end of his
career.  A unified field theory.  QED.

     A second and third gedanken experiment I can think of illustrates how
the EM force and Gravity are connected.  These gedanken experiments involve
the lifting of heavy masses, the coral castle built by Ed Liedskalnin (all
by himself) and the possible lifting of heavy stones to build the
pyramids.  I think I wrote an email to Radsafe on how to lift heavy objects
electromagnetically, and it should be in the archives.  Liedskalnin had a
source of Electromagnetic power and was able to lift heavy blocks of rock
using a tripod and block and tackle.  My email on this describes one
gedanken experiment.  The other gedanken experiment is similar, but
possibly more advanced.

     The tractor beam might also levitate humans into spacecraft, as has
been alluded to in UFO literature.

     Joe Preisig

On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 9:03 PM, Franz Schönhofer <
franz.schoenhofer at chello.at> wrote:

> Dear Mr or Ms Radiation physics!
> The radsafe rule that list participants should identify themselves is
> becoming more and more a recommendation which need not be obeyed to....
> Similarily like some citizens believe that speed limits are mere
> recommendations and are very angry if they receive a ticket for
> speeding......
> Back to radiation protection, following your advice to Joe. In the
> beginning
> I thought that he was joking about various books on aliens and similar
> science fiction of which ou r cinemas are full. I love btw the movie "Mars
> attacks" in which the marsians use space ships of exactly the same shape as
> Joe refers to in his references. So it seemed to me somewhat refreshing
> that
> some humor was entering into radsafe. I was obviously wrong.
> While writing about critizising: I have the feeling, that a very large part
> of Radsafe traffic can at least be attributed to the category of off topic.
> At least 40 to 50 % is dedicated to forward nonsense from anti-nuclear
> "activists". Is there really anybody really interested in what clearly
> mentally sick, paranoid pseudoscientists write in their "Journals of
> paranoid antinuclear pseudoscientists"? What is posted is hairraising, but
> I
> assure you that I could send you very similar paranoid newspaper articles
> from Austrian "quality newspapers", intererstingly Swedish and Finnish
> papers are not hateful at all against anything nuclear. Most "critical"
> contributions about the health risks of nuclear power, Fukushima and
> Chernobyl are written by economists, philosophers, biologists, medical
> doctors (starting with the damage from Hiroshima and Nagasaki!) and any
> other celebrity in whatever field they work. To be honest I do not remember
> of heaving read comments by soccer or tennis players, not even our top
> skiers.
> Another criticism is related to the general attitude of most US
> contributors. I have pointed out serveral times that I think that
> So much before being flamed too much by
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> Completely out of scope ! Stay focused Mr. Preisig. No science fiction
> here. Speak science !
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>> Radsafe,
>>       The connection between Electromagnetism and Gravity can probably be
>> used to make a Tractor-beam, ala Star Trek.  I can't say it is simple.
>> The Iranian spacecraft may have had a tractor beam when it captured the
>> USA
>> drone.  The Iranians back-engineered a crashed UFO, that had crashed in
>> Iran.  They apparently know much of what the USA knows.
>>      From Admiral Byrd's diaries about his trip to Antarctica with a US
>> Navy
>> Task force, it is apparent that the spacecraft that greeted him in his
>> airplane, and held his plane with a tractor beam???, had a tractor beam.
>> See youtubes about Byrd and Operation Highjump.
>>       Someday you might be able to build one in your basement.
>>       Joe Preisig
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