[ RadSafe ] UK: Renewables a better option than nuclear power: but nuclear is needed for maintaining nuclear weapons

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Another false claim by the anti-nuclear power campaigners.


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UK: Renewables a better option than nuclear power: but nuclear is
needed for maintaining nuclear weapons

by Christina MacPherson

Cheap renewables undercut nuclear power,  The technology advances and
plunging costs of cheap renewables make base load nuclear power
redundant. Climate News Network, by Paul Brown, LONDON, 29 December,
2017 ".........Completion doubts

Even the former UK energy secretary Sir Edward Davey, who signed off
on the Hinkley Point deal, said “the economics have clearly gone
away.” He doubted that the building would ever be completed, he told
Greenpeace in an interview.

All the other UK nuclear projects are still at various stages of
planning, and how any of them will be paid for is yet to be worked
out. It is already clear that none can be financed without government

An important political development in 2017 was that for the first time
both the US and the UK admitted that their support for the nuclear
industry is linked to the need to maintain their military capability
in nuclear submarines and personnel. This is key, because both powers
have previously claimed that there is no link between civil and
military nuclear industries.

Even before their admission it was already clear that the big
economies which have no nuclear weapons, like Germany, can see no
point in having a civil nuclear industry.

Export drive

That does not stop smaller countries, some without any nuclear power
stations at all at present, signing agreements with the Russian
state-owned company Rosatom. In what many see as a Russian policy to
extend its international influence, Rosatom already says it is
building reactors in Belarus, China, India, Bangladesh, Hungary,
Turkey, Finland and Iran, and is seeking to expand, with tenders in
for 23 other reactors abroad.

These include Sudan, where the current president is wanted for war
crimes. Whether all the plans will come to fruition remains doubtful.

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