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My first attempt to send ths was returned with the comment that this is 
possibly spam

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Jaro and RADSAFErs,

Here we go again - Busby at his best. Well, I did not miss him in the

Please be careful and do not take my words serious, because they come from
an idiot, a liar and a crook (all three united in one person!). I do not
even have a crap physics degree - I had to look that up in the dictionary,
because we did not learn such a word in school - I have no physics degree at
all, but a PhD in chemistry with a thesis in radiochemistry. I have not
attempted to reach a physics degree, but had to study a lot of physics and
physical chemistry as well to clear a very difficult examination in physics
in ord scientific worker to be able to graduate in chemistry. I never needed
to apply any formula developed by the nuclear industry but used only
formulas and data from textbooks and papers developed by scientists and not
technicians. I am happy to be a member of that club of stupid individuals
called RADSAFE. As to peer review I recommend the cartoon on facebook "green
lemons...." the bereted wonder: "All my work is peer reviewed by me."

Furthermore I am astonished that I have been on a blog site for many, many
years - I thought that RADSAFE was a discussion forum for all topics of
radioactivity. Please forgive an old man, that he obviously does not
remember that poor little Busby was so heavily attacked on RADSAFE that he
had to be banned in order that the "blog site" was not blocked. I for my
part appreciated his funny contributions because life is hard and it helps
to have a good laugh from time to time. And Busbys mail were a very small
and unimportant number among a lot of many more important ones.

The wording Busbys comment is by the way astonishing and not in accordance
with the noble British behaviour. It seems that he is now in Riga, Latvia.
Latvia is one of the two countries in Europe I never have been to, but their
neighbours in Lithuania and Estonia are very polite and helpful. So his
unacceptable behavious cannot be due to a change of environment.

Anybody remembers my several questions whether anybody knew about scientific
work on the connex between extreme antinuclear behaviour and mental
problems? Busby would be well suited as a study object. He goes much to far
to be regarded as a normal human being.

Best regards,


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From: Jaro Franta
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To: 'The International Radiation Protection (Health Physics) Mailing List'
Subject: [ RadSafe ] Chris Busby writes about HPS and RadSafe



Chris Busby writes about HPS and RadSafe, in a comment on an article posted
by SuperStation95 :


Chris Busby
The Health Physics Society, that the pro-nuke contingent in this endless and
unresolvable thread are mostly idiots dominated by liars and crooks.
Mostly people either with crap physics degrees that couldn't make it in
academia, or people that cant even make physics degrees but learn how to
apply the formulae developed by the nuclear industry, technicians.
I have been up against a number of them in legal cases and in every one they
were shown to have lied or twisted the truth and were often thrown out by
the judge.
For a while I argued with them in their Radsafe blog until the moderator
banned me because the attacks on me were taking over the blogsite.
It is a club of stupid individuals who all group think and exclude evidence,
including peer reviewed evidence from their exchanges and beliefs.
Karl Z Morgan, the "father of Health Physics" wrote: I feel like a father
who is ashamed of his children.
<end quote>


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