[ RadSafe ] Accelerator safety system suggestions

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Fri Mar 17 22:08:11 CDT 2017

Check with HPI (Health Physics Instruments Goleta, CA)

Argonne has an ion chamber area monitor they use in their accelerator 
area they LBL copied from them - with a few improvements - and then we 
got HPI to make them for us - with a few more improvements - like 
communication.  NO Argonne gets them from HPI too.  Its tailored to low 
energy BUT HPI is a near custom shop and could most likely put on an ion 
chamber without as low and energy response - but more robust and easier 
and cheaper to make.  They also have a pressurized ion chamber survey 
meter in their product line and I'd bet they could put THAT ion chamber 
on the area monitor.  They also have a GM area monitor - but the IC 
would be more accurate.

As for neutron - I don't know of anything off the shelf but again HPI 
has a high energy Andersson Braun moderated survey meter that could 
probably easily be converted to area monitor -for your case of course 
the normal Andersson Braun  moderator BUT if you don't need true DOSE 
indication - there are many sorts of easier and cheaper moderators that 
could be used.  I THINK they also have a tissue equivalent ion chamber 
that would be sensitive to both neutrons and photons --- but not 
indicate which it detected. There are lots of possibilities with a small 
run shop that already has most of the basics there - just switching 
detectors and front end electronics.

The trade off is that lead time may be an issue - but they always came 
through for me when I worked at LBNL.

Most other area monitors I've seen are either GM or Scintillator and 
more suited for an isotope lab environment.

BTW - All HPI units I had experience also seem to tolerate the high 
electrical noise of an accelerator quite well.

Its worth the call.

NO - I'm not a stock holder or partner or any such thing - just a long 
satisfied customer.

Ted de Castro

On 3/17/2017 7:08 PM, Carl Willis wrote:
> Hello RADSAFErs,
> I'm working on a fast-moving project involving a 14-MeV proton linac
> facility for which we will be building a radiation safety system per
> ANSI/HPS N43.1.  No plan exists yet for the configuration of the system,
> but it will involve some active radiation monitors, for photons and
> neutrons within the shielded area and for photons outside, all interfaced
> with a LabVIEW control unit.
> I would love some suggestions for specific detector and control system
> hardware that others have used and can recommend.  Please let me know if
> you have favorite vendors or other suggestions!
> Thanks,
> Carl Willis
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