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Not sure, but I think an instrument similar to your description was developed by *(can’t remember a name)* working for the Bureau of Radiological Health of the USPHS in Cincinnati in the time frame you mention.  The one I remember seeing was fitted into something like a briefcase and included batteries and a few control switches on the exterior.  If this sounds like what you are interested in, let me know – I might be able to find a name for you, if you think it’s worthwhile.  The instrument I remember was probably a prototype – I don’t remember a commercial connection.

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Back in the old old days when people worried about x-rays from CRT color 
TVs there was a instrument/probe - developed by the FDA I believe - 
suitable for scanning large areas quickly for low energy x-rays.

The government agency that came up with this put out a note on this 
instrument - I used to have that article in my library before I retired.

As I recall - it was an array (6 I think) of alcohol quenched thin Al 
walled GM tubes - I recall a tube type as something like IB83 - The 
array was arranged into a flat probe in order to quickly cover a wide area.

I recall that several rad instrument manufacturers/vendors sold one 
version or another of this.

The original article was quite clear on the construction of this probe.

  Google search is getting me nowhere in finding anything about this 
instrument - I guess late 70's, early 80's is just too old for Google to 
know anything about and x-rays from color tv's seems something almost 
forgotten about.

BTW - for you academics out there - I really don't want to hear back 
about energy compensated or dose response!  I know all about that and 
have haven't used the words DOSE or MEASURE.  Obviously this was only a 


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