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M. K. ka2mce at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 21:57:31 CDT 2019

Most likely, the GM tube you are thinking of is the 1B85.

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 9:38 PM Ted de Castro <tdc at xrayted.com> wrote:

> Back in the old old days when people worried about x-rays from CRT color
> TVs there was a instrument/probe - developed by the FDA I believe -
> suitable for scanning large areas quickly for low energy x-rays.
> The government agency that came up with this put out a note on this
> instrument - I used to have that article in my library before I retired.
> As I recall - it was an array (6 I think) of alcohol quenched thin Al
> walled GM tubes - I recall a tube type as something like IB83 - The
> array was arranged into a flat probe in order to quickly cover a wide area.
> I recall that several rad instrument manufacturers/vendors sold one
> version or another of this.
> The original article was quite clear on the construction of this probe.
>   Google search is getting me nowhere in finding anything about this
> instrument - I guess late 70's, early 80's is just too old for Google to
> know anything about and x-rays from color tv's seems something almost
> forgotten about.
> BTW - for you academics out there - I really don't want to hear back
> about energy compensated or dose response!  I know all about that and
> have haven't used the words DOSE or MEASURE.  Obviously this was only a
> DETECTION device.
> Thank-you
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