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Water whirlers etc

Several people asked me about the water whirlers - they are installed in the 

water pipes so that the water passes through them before you use the water 

(why not combine the mobile phone with the shower? - The shapes are 

approximately the same - and the phone always rings when you are in the 

shower - right? -Hey I could get a patent and a new career...).

You can see what the water whirler looks like at:


Sorry about all the Swedish but it is explained that the water is better for 

drinking, for laundry, baking, shampoing, the fish in your aquarium and 

"Etc". I like that last specified point: Etc.

As you can see there is an air whirler ("Luftvirvlare") as well.

For the cartoon with the cell phones:

Swedish word "UTAN" = English WITHOUT.

Swedish word "MED" = English "WITH".

"Plus & Minus-mössa" = A cap you can wear when you visit green houses.

Glasses and hearing aides may also need "balancing".

"Forskning" (=Research) at their website explains that tomatoes grow better 

with whirled water but that they aren't allowed to use it in their 


My personal ideas and reflections only,

Bjorn Cedervall    bcradsafers@hotmail.com



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