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Job Opening: Health Physicist

The job requires a B.S. or M.S, in Health Physics with strong writing and communication skills. Applicants must be proficient using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access; be able to work independently in a small business environment; and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
Occupational Services, Inc. (OSI) is a San Diego based, health and safety consulting firm, located five miles from the Pacific ocean. Established in 1988, OSI provide radiation safety, industrial hygiene, laboratory safety, and environmental compliance services to biotechnology companies, research laboratories, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.
Position Description:
Provide services in the areas of radiation and laboratory safety. These duties will eventually expand into chemical and biological safety.
- Calibrate radiation detection instruments
- Manage a counting room - Gamma Counter, LSC, MCA, alpha & beta counting equipment
- Complete fume hood and iodination hood ventilation surveys
- Conduct routine contamination as well as decommissioning surveys
- Prepare radioactive material license applications
- Deliver radiation safety training courses
- Conduct annual reviews of radiation safety programs and hazard evaluations
- Survey and release decayed radioactive waste and arrange for disposal of long-lived wastes
- Field identification of unknown radionuclides at landfills and scrap metal yards
Interested candidates should promptly email or fax their resumes and salary requirements to Occupational Services, Inc., to the attention of:
Jeff Silvers, Vice President
Fax: 1-858-558-6756
email: jeff@occserv.com