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"Dangerous" nuclear plants

But Norm, your articles demonstrate absolutely nothing "dangerous" about

nuclear power.  Exactly what is it, again, that makes them dangerous?

Ken Jenkins, MS

HP Instructor


Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 14:00:35 -0500

From: Norman Cohen <ncohen12@HOME.COM>

Subject: Re: Recent safety hazards at aging nuclear plants

Norm Cohen wrote, "HI John,

Now what do you think I'm going to say? ;-)  Sorry, but I respectfully reply

that this shows we need to phase out the oldest and most dangerous plants


replace them with alternative energy, especially wind.



"Jacobus, John (OD/ORS)" wrote:

> Norm,

> This clearly shows we need newer nuclear power plants.  Don't you agree?


> -- John


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