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Fission Rocket Propulsion Revisited

Hello All,

      This is from JPreisig@aol.com   .  Happy Holidays.

      The topic of fission based propulsion was examined in earlier radsafe

postings (Please see the archives).  A recent posting suggested that NASA

is entertaining the possibility of putting a (manned???) spacecraft to Mars

with a (chemically driven) one-way transit time of 6 months to 3 years.

Let's be serious.  Even a Soviet cosmonaut is not going to sit in such a

spacecraft for 3 Years (???) for a one week visit on Mars, and then a three

year trip back.

       Fission driven spacecraft offer the possibility of making this trip in 


or two weeks (one way).  Let's get this technology developed, and build 

two or three fission-based spacecraft.  If it works to Mars, then perhaps we 

can go other places.

      Again, Best Wishes for the Holidays!!!!!

                                                             J. R. Preisig, 



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